Educational Resources

A variety of educational materials that present the story of cotton - from its history to its wide usage to its economic impact. The materials we offer are useful as teaching aids or as guides to learn more about one of the world's major agricultural commodities.


Cotton and the Consumer Cotton and the Consumer PDF indicator
Answers many of the most frequently asked questions about the history of cotton fabrics and the care of cotton clothing. (161k PDF file)
Cotton and U.S. Currency Cotton and U.S. Currency
Interesting facts about the use of cotton fiber in U.S. currency.
Cotton Counts Cotton Counts PDF indicator
Highlights the U.S. cotton industry's contribution to America's economic health. (128k PDF file)
Cotton: From Field to Fabric Cotton: From Field to Fabric 
Describes the major steps involved in producing and processing cotton. Also check out the on-line presentation Cotton: From Field to Fabric in Forty Frames.
Cotton: The Perennial Patriot Cotton: The Perennial Patriot PDF indicator
Traces U.S. cotton's history from the first planing by settler in Virginia to the present. (31k PDF file)
The Many Faces of Cotton The Many Faces of Cotton PDF indicator
Answers many of the most frequently asked questions about nature's miracle fiber -- where cotton is grown, how it is harvested and a number of its many uses. (270k PDF file)
The Story of Cotton The Story of Cotton
Tells the story of cotton -- where and how it's grown, processed and woven into cloth -- in simple terms.
What Can You Make from a Bale of Cotton? What Can You Make with a Bale of Cotton?
A list of some of the items, and the quantity of each, that can be made from a bale of cotton.