2006 Beltwide Cotton Conferences

News and reports from the 2006 Beltwide Cotton Conferences in San Antonio, TX.

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January 12, 2006
Retiring USDA-ARS Ginning Scientists Recognized
W. Stanley Anthony and Alan Brashears, two long serving harvesting and ginning researchers retiring from USDA’s Agricultural Research Service, were honored by their friends and peers during the 2006 Beltwide Cotton Conferences.
January 5, 2006
Dr. Daryl Bowman is 2005 Cotton Genetics Research Award Recipient
Dr. Daryl T. Bowman, a professor of Cotton Breeding at North Carolina State University, is the recipient of the 2005 Cotton Genetics Research Award. The announcement was made here today during the Cotton Improvement Conference of the National Cotton Council (NCC)-coordinated 2006 Beltwide Cotton Conferences.
Trade Issues Facing U.S. Cotton
NCC President/CEO Mark Lange told 2006 Beltwide Cotton Production Conference attendees that the NCC will continue to work closely with USTR and USDA to counter efforts to further isolate and discipline cotton.
January 4, 2006
High Cotton Winners Focus on Conservation to Improve Yields, Profits
The four cotton producer recipients of the 2006 High Cotton Awards were announced today at the 2006 Beltwide Cotton Production Conference.
Cotton's Global Market
Dr. Gary Adams, NCC Vice President of Economics and Policy Analysis, told Production Conference attendees that critical to U.S. cotton's success is not only continuing to improve quality, but maintaining that quality as the product moves from the grower to the final buyer.
Eastland: NCC Committed to Technology Development/Transfer
NCC Chairman Woods Eastland told attendees at the 2006 Beltwide Cotton Conferences that U.S. cotton has excellent prospects for achieving profitable cotton production and processing. <a href="http://www.cotton.org/news/meetings/2006bw/">...more news from the Beltwide</a>