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LOGO: Journal of Cotton Science


Evaluation of Practices to Unwrap Round Cotton Modules

Authors: Christopher D. Delhom, Marinus H.J. van der Sluijs, John D. Wanjura, and Joseph W. Thomas
Pages: 90-101
Engineering and Ginning
DOI: (

Adoption of John Deere harvesters with on-board module building capacity that produce round modules covered with a patented engineered polyethylene film has been rapid and has forced gins to adapt their module feeding systems with techniques and machinery to feed round modules into the gin. The system used by a gin is dependent on the number of round modules handled by the gin, cost of implementing the system, and preferences of gin management. Irrespective of the system used, all require well-trained staff to prevent plastic wrap from entering the gin and contaminating lint bales. Modules are fed in different orientations, and the plastic is removed with either manual or semi-automated systems. This work evaluates the well-known unwrapping systems used to handle modules in the U.S. and Australia, which include manual and semi-automated methods. No single system can be recommended, as the needs, layout, and priorities of each gin vary. However, the details of the systems are presented in terms of manpower, time and motion, safety, and potential to prevent module wrap from entering the gin. The data presented here were gathered from numerous on-site visits to gins across the U.S. and Australia.