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A Module Feeder Inspection System For Plastic Contamination – Updated System Design

Authors: John D. Wanjura, Mathew G. Pelletier, and Greg A. Holt
Pages: 213-221
Engineering and Ginning
DOI: (

This note describes the updated design and operation of an inspection system that provides ginners an instantaneous view of the dispersing cylinders in a cotton gin module feeder. Images are provided by network cameras installed in the back wall of a module feeder using a new adjustable housing design that allows for easier installation into various module feeder designs. We observed that when these systems are installed and operated, accumulation of plastic and other contaminants on dispersing cylinders is detected and removed more quickly than when the cylinders are manually checked between work shifts or during other pauses in gin operation. Gin crews are more responsive to plastic accumulation on the dispersing cylinders because they can see when it occurs and quickly remove the contaminants, thereby reducing the risk of plastic contamination in lint bales.