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LOGO: Journal of Cotton Science


Gin Process Control

Authors: Mathew G. Pelletier, Carlos B. Armijo, Paul A. Funk, John C. Fabian, and Robert G. Hardin IV
Pages: 131-136
Engineering and Ginning

Automation provides key benefits to production plants: increased speed of production, improved quality control, enhanced worker safety, and reduced production costs. Numerous types of systems use automated control throughout the world; in cotton gins, there are a few main systems that rely on some form of control: material flow, fire suppression, dryer temperature, press operation, and moisture restoration systems. This chapter provides an overview of control systems in general along with key examples of control systems in use in U.S. cotton gins.
This article first appeared in the previous volume (Volume 2, pages 81–86) and was mistakenly included in the publishing of Volume 3. PROPER CITATION SHOULD REFERENCE VOLUME 2, PAGES 81–86.