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Cottonseed Air-Handling and Storage Requirements

Authors: Harrison Ashley, Joe Thomas, Greg Holt, Thomas Valco
Pages: 47-59
Engineering and Ginning
DOI: (

Along with lint, cottonseed is another product of the cotton plant that accounts for 15 to 25% of the crop value. Due to the nature of cottonseed, proper handling, storage, and aeration are critical for maintaining seed quality and minimizing spoilage. Over the last few decades, the mass of cottonseed per bale of lint (500 lb [227 kg]) has declined from a national average of 823 lb (373 kg) to an average value of 696 lb (316 kg). This chapter updates handling, storage, and aeration data based on the smaller mass of seed per bale being encountered in today’s cotton gins and provides the most current information available.