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Quality Effects from the Addition of Moisture to Seed Cotton with Two Surfactants

Authors: Richard K. Byler, Gary R. Gamble, and J. Clif Boykin
Pages: 345-356
Engineering and Ginning

Moisture was restored to seed cotton before ginning in the conveyer-distributor using an atomizing spray nozzle to increase fiber moisture content in the gin stand. A total of 54 bales were ginned with moisture restoration using an atomizing spray of water or water with either of two surfactants. Samples were taken for determination of moisture content and fiber properties. The moisture content of samples taken immediately after the gin stand was shown to correlate with improved fiber length properties as measured by the Advanced Fiber Information System (AFIS). Three lots from seven bales were spun into yarn with samples taken for sliver and yarn property determination. Seed cotton moisture restoration was correlated with improved fiber length properties and yarn strength, but produced more waste. The use of surfactants did not affect the fiber or yarn significantly when compared to moisture restoration with water alone.