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The Effect of Modest Moisture Addition to Seed Cotton before the Gin Stand on Fiber Length

Authors: Richard K. Byler
Pages: 145-154
Engineering and Ginning

The objective of this study was to add a modest amount of moisture to seed cotton during ginning and determine the impact on fiber properties measured by the Advanced Fiber Information System (AFIS). In this study, half of the bales were ginned with modest drying and half had humid air applied in what would normally be the second tower drier. As determined by the oven method, the moisture content (wet basis) of the lint treated with drying averaged 4.8%, and the lint with moisture restoration averaged 5.6%. The AFIS fiber length properties were significantly better for the lint with moisture restoration before ginning. Most of the AFIS foreign matter measurements were slightly higher (less desirable) for the lint following moisture restoration. A measurement to indicate fiber damage was sought. The various AFIS fiber length measurements were highly correlated with each other, and the fiber length averaged by weight was considered to be the basic length measurement. This analysis showed that the length exceeded by 2.5% of the longest fibers calculated by number responded significantly to the treatment independently of the basic fiber length and could be used to indicate in-gin fiber damage. Based on AFIS, the fiber length after the lint cleaners increased 0.5 mm per 1.0% increase in fiber moisture content due to moisture addition.