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LOGO: Journal of Cotton Science


New Lint Cleaner to Reduce Fiber Waste

Authors: W. Stanley Anthony
Pages: 30-40
Engineering and Ginning

Several cleaning machines are required to prepare cotton for marketing. One of those machines, the saw-type lint cleaner, improves the appearance of ginned lint by removing foreign matter, motes, cottonseed, and other undesirable material, but it also removes as much or more good fiber as it does undesirable material. One stage of lint cleaning typically removes about 9.1 kg (20 lbs) of material. An experimental lint cleaner (ELC) designed to reduce the loss of good fiber and maintain fiber quality in the bale was developed, patented, and field tested. Studies to validate the operational characteristics of the ELC were conducted at a research facility and a commercial gin. Results at the research gin indicated that about 2.72 kg (6 lbs) of additional good fiber was retained by the ELC compared with standard Sixteen D and 24D lint cleaner models, and there were no significant differences in fiber properties measured from high volume instrumentation (HVI) or the Advanced Fiber Information System (AFIS). The ELC operated for two full seasons at a commercial gin without operational problems and processed about 10,000 bales. HVI and AFIS parameters of the baled lint from the ELC equaled or exceeded those of the standard lint cleaner.