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Issue 4 Table of Contents

 Issue Editors
Arthropod Management
Cotton (<em>Gossypium hirsutum</em>) Response to Simulated Repeated Damage by <em>Helicoverpa</em> spp. Larvae
Tom T. Lei
Pages: 119-125

Engineering and Ginning
The Relationship Between Cotton Stickiness and Cotton Dust Potential
David T.W. Chun
Pages: 126-132

Textile Technology
Sensitivity of the Shirley Developments Ltd. Micromat Tester to Operators and Sample Preparations
Joseph G. Montalvo, Jr., Sherman E. Faught, and Steven M. Buco
Pages: 133-142

Textile Technology
Mitigation of Whitefly Honeydew Levels on Cotton Lint via Thermal and Citric Acid Treatment
Gary R. Gamble
Pages: 143-147