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Issue 4 Table of Contents

 Issue Editors
Agronomy and Soils
Potassium Fertilization of Conventional- and No-Till Cotton
Donald D. Howard, Mike E. Essington, Robert M. Hayes and Wyveta M. Percell
Pages: 197-205

Economics and Marketing
Cotton Producers' Use of Selected Marketing Strategies
Olga Isengildina and M. Darren Hudson
Pages: 206-217

Economics and Marketing
Using a Moving Average to Determine Cotton Futures Market Entry Dates
Blake K. Bennett
Pages: 218-223

Engineering and Ginning
Adaptive Signal Processing for Removal of Impulse Noise from Yield Monitor Signals
Mathew G. Pelletier
Pages: 224-233

Engineering and Ginning
Analysis and Design of a Drying Model for Use in the Design of Starch-Coated Cottonseed Dryers
Mathew G. Pelletier, Joseph W. Laird, Gary L. Barker, and Suhas V. Patankar
Pages: 234-242

Engineering and Ginning
Relative Velocity, Density, and Temperature Effects on Cotton Moisture Transfer Rates
Gary L. Barker, J. Weldon Laird, Mathew G. Pelletier and Greg A. Holt
Pages: 243-251

Molecular Biology and Physiology
Plant Hormones Alter Fiber Initiation in Unfertilized, Cultured Ovules of <em>Gossypium hirsutum</em>
Sofia Gialvalis and Robert W. Seagull
Pages: 252-258

Weed Science
Cotton Tolerance and Weed Control with Preplant Applications of Thifensulfuron Plus Tribenuron
Douglas E. Fairbanks, Daniel B. Reynolds, James L. Griffin, David L. Jordan, Christopher B. Corkern, P. Roy Vidrine and Stephen H. Crawford
Pages: 259-267

Weed Science
Italian Ryegrass Control with Preplant Herbicides
David L. Jordan, Leon S. Warren Jr., Donnie K. Miller, M. Cade Smith, Daniel B. Reynolds, Stephen H. Crawford and James L. Griffin
Pages: 268-274