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Issue 2 Table of Contents

 Issue Editors
Arthropod Management
Efficacy of Field-Aged Bait Sticks Against the Boll Weevil
Dale W. Spurgeon
Pages: 68-73

Arthropod Management
Efficacy of Seed Mixes of Transgenic <em>Bt</em> and Nontransgenic Cotton Against Bollworm, <em>Helicoverpa zea</em> Boddie
Amy L. Agi, Jay S. Mahaffey, J.R. Bradley Jr., and John W. Van Duyn
Pages: 74-80

Breeding and Genetics
Ovule Fiber Cell Numbers in Modern Upland Cottons
Daryl T. Bowman, G. A. Van Esbroeck, Jack Van't Hof, and G. M. Jividen
Pages: 81-83

Economics and Marketing
Starter Fertilizer, Additives, and Growth Regulators in Cotton Production: An Economic Analysis
Rebecca L. Cochran, Roland K. Roberts, and Donald D. Howard
Pages: 84-91

Engineering and Ginning
Extruding Cotton Gin Byproducts to Reduce Chemical Residues
Michael Buser
Pages: 92-102

Molecular Biology and Physiology
New Dinucleotide and Trinucleotide Microsatellite Marker Resources for Cotton Genome Research
O. Umesh K. Reddy, Alan E. Pepper, Ibrokhim Abdurakhmonov, Sukumar Saha, Johnie N. Jenkins, Thomas Brooks, Yuksel Bolek, and Kamal M. El-Zik
Pages: 103-113

Molecular Biology and Physiology
Pink Bollworm Larvae Infection with a Double Subgenomic Sindbis (dsSIN) Virus to Express Genes of Interest
John J. Peloquin, Thomas A. Miller, and Stephen Higgs
Pages: 114-120

Breeding and Genetics
(Contemporary Issue) Bollgard Cotton: An Assessment of Global Economic, Environmental, and Social Benefits
Julie M. Edge, John H. Benedict, John P. Carroll, and H. Keith Reding
Pages: 121-136

Breeding and Genetics
(Contemporary Issue) Common Use of the CV: A Statistical Aberration in Crop Performance Trials
Daryl T. Bowman
Pages: 137-141

Editorial Notes
Managing Editor's Report
Anne F. Wrona
Pages: 142-143