NCC’s New Cottonseed Segment: What Cotton Ginners Should Know


In 2004, NCC’s Board of Directors established the cottonseed segment after several whole cottonseed merchants expressed an interest in becoming active in the Council’s policy development process. The Board of Directors also established a membership dues plan and amended the bylaws to provide delegate and Board representation for members of this segment.

Who is eligible for membership in the cottonseed segment? Membership is limited to firms who purchase and take title to seed from gins. This includes cottonseed crushers, whole cottonseed merchants and gins that market seed directly to the feed trade or planting seed companies.

What is the dues rate for the cottonseed segment? Members of this segment pay 10 cents per ton on all tons purchased from gins. Dues are remitted when cottonseed is processed or shipped.

How does the cotton industry benefit from this change? A profitable cottonseed segment is critical to the profitability of all cotton producers and ginners. The change gives all cottonseed members a strong voice in legislative and regulatory issues that are important to their profitability. The Council is strongly committed to providing cottonseed members with a forum to address current concerns and those that will certainly arise in the future.

How are Council delegates and directors selected? Two certified interest organizations, the National Cottonseed Products Association and the Cottonseed and Feed Association, are responsible for naming cottonseed delegates and directors. These positions are allocated to the associations in proportion to the total amount of dues revenue collected from the segment.

Are cottonseed brokers eligible for Council membership? At this time, cottonseed brokers are not eligible for membership. However, the Council has been asked to implement a membership plan for cottonseed brokers and this request will be reviewed by the appropriate NCC committee.

What can ginners do to help promote membership in the cottonseed segment? Please express our appreciation to all cottonseed members for their commitment to the NCC and urge others who have not joined to do so as soon as possible.

Contact Member Services at 901-274-9030 for membership information in your area.