NCC Letter to House Ag Committee Chairman Combest (R-TX)

NCC Chairman Kenneth Hood declared its appreciation for he and the House Agriculture Committee's efforts to reach agreement on U.S. farm policy.

Published: April 18, 2002
Updated: April 18, 2002

Honorable Larry Combest, Chairman
House Agriculture Committee,

Dear Chairman Combest,

The National Cotton Council extends its appreciation for the extraordinary efforts put forward by you and your committee to reach agreement on U.S. farm policy. The April 18 package you proposed reflects a continuing commitment to develop new farm policy that addresses the critical problems facing U.S. production agriculture. The proposal effectively utilizes the budget authority granted by Congress and would immediately begin to alleviate the financial stress affecting the entire U.S. agricultural sector.

Today’s proposal is an intelligent and innovative compromise that provides cost effective and sound farm policy for America’s farmers and ranchers. This package provides a meaningful safety net for all agricultural producers and does not discriminate against commercial-sized operations that produce the bulk of U.S. agricultural commodities. We believe this balanced proposal supports U.S. farmers and ranchers without stimulating overproduction or generating other market distortions. The proposed conservation programs are generous and appropriate.

Importantly, we believe the measures in this proposal are consistent with existing U.S. international trade obligations and are sensitive to ongoing WTO negotiations.

The U.S. cotton industry calls on the Senate leadership to accept this offer and deliver a farm bill for the President’s signature immediately so benefits can be applicable to the 2002 crop year.

On behalf of the U.S. cotton industry, the National Cotton Council thanks you and your colleagues for the continuing support shown this industry and all of U.S. agriculture.


Kenneth B. Hood, Chairman
National Cotton Council of America