Cotton Foundation Project Support

The U.S. cotton industry is enjoying a healthy return on investment from Foundation member support of general projects and special projects. National Cotton Council staff estimates that accounting for cash and in-kind services, the Foundation’s general projects, for example, enjoy a return of about $3 for every dollar devoted to these projects. By supporting these projects, the Foundation is truly fostering innovative: 1) research to find solutions to cotton problems; 2) technology to implement those solutions; 3) education to speed new research application and 4) communication to spread information throughout cotton's production and marketing chain.

The cotton bollworm is one of many insect pests counted in the Foundation-sponsored “Cotton Pest Loss Survey” general research project.

General Projects 2021-2022

  • Journal of Cotton Science
  • Cotton Pest Loss Survey
  • Enhancing Cotton Industry Education and Information through the National Cotton Council Web Site
  • EPA Residual Risk and Technology Reviews (RTR) for the “Vegetable Oil Production” Source Category (MACT Standards Review)
  • Information and Research on Potential Consumer, Environmental and Workplace Risks
  • Sustainability of U.S. Cotton
  • Verification of Risk Assessment Data and Evaluation
  • Cotton Seed Bug Research
  • Fov4: Threat to Upland Cotton Production
  • Application of the Field Print Calculator for Cotton Production in the Texas High Plains
  • Book Documenting the History of the Pink Bollworm Eradication Program
  • Verification of Risk Assessment Data and Evaluation


Research Screening Committee*

Mr. Jeffrey S. Mink, Chairman, Syngenta Crop Protection, Inc., Memphis, TN
Dr. Ed Barnes, Cotton Incorporated, Cary, NC
Mr. Joel C. Faircloth, Dow Agrosciences, Collierville, TN
Mr. Paul Kennedy, Helena Chemical Company, Memphis, TN
Mr. Scott A. Kohne, BASF Corporation, Research Triangle Park, NC
Dr. Don Parker, National Cotton Council, Cordova, TN
Dr. Douglas W. Rushing, Bayer CropScience, Saint Louis, MO
Ms. Charlotte Sanson, Adama, Raleigh, NC
Ms. Cindy Smith, Gowan USA, LLC, ,
Mr. Russell Sutton, Products by Big 12, dba Consolidated, Lubbock, TX
Mr. Paul D. Vaculin, AMVAC, Collierville, TN

Mr. Kater Hake, Cotton Incorporated, Cary, NC

*Each year, the Foundation's Research Screening Committee reviews and prioritizes general project proposals before submitting their recommended project list for approval by the Foundation's trustees at the Foundation annual meeting.


A key Foundation special project involves the development of a weed resistance learning module to help with control of costly weeds such as this pigweed.

Special Projects 2021-2022

Emerging Leaders Program

Cotton Ginning Symposium (Textile Manufacturing Symposium)

Producer Information Exchange (P.I.E.)

Multi-Commodity Education Program (MCEP)
Deere & Company

Policy Education Program

Cotton Germplasm Collection Support

Cotton Nematode Research and Education Program

Cotton Seedling Disease Research and Education Program

Weed Resistance Learning Module
Corteva Agriscience, Bayer, Syngenta

Advancing Cotton Education (ACE)

Educational Outreach
Bayer, Syngenta, Corteva Agriscience, Valent

Cotton Australia, Cotton Incorporated, National Cotton Council and Cotton Council International

Cotton Industry Priority Research
National Cotton Council, Cotton Incorporated, BASF, Bayer and Corteva Agriscience


Ongoing Special Project Contributions

The Foundation continues to distribute volumes in its Cotton Reference Book Series, which can be ordered online. The series includes Weeds of Cotton, Cotton Harvest Management, Stress Physiology in Cotton, Flowering and Fruiting in Cotton, Linking Physiology to Management and Boll Weevil Eradication in the United States Through 1999. The Cotton Foundation series reference books can be purchased from the Foundation at

Some other efforts helpful to cotton's overall research and education effort include the periodic development and distribution of various NCC-produced educational videotapes. The Gin Lab Symposium, sponsored by Delta and Pine Land, Syngenta, and Bayer, aids in familiarizing state land grants extension specialists with post-harvest processes of ginning and textiles to improve appreciation of end user needs.


Proceeds from a Mississippi Valley Oilseed Processors Association endowment support the Annual Conference of the Oilseed Processing Clinic.

Awards and Endowments 2021-2022

High Cotton Awards
Farm Press Publications

Robert and Lois Coker Trustees Chair in Molecular Genetics
Endowment: $1,000,000

The C. Everette Salyer Fellowship in Cotton Research is administered by Texas A&M University's Entomology Department which provides more details and a list of previous winners on its website.
Endowment: $300,000

Cottonseed Oil Clinic
Endowment: $60,000


One of Our Many Members

Case IH ( provides a full line of agricultural equipment solutions for cotton production, flexible financial services and parts and service support through a dedicated network of professional dealers and distributors. Productivity enhancing products include tractors ranging from 18 to 535 horsepower; Module Express and Cotton Express pickers; tillage tools; planting and seeding systems; sprayers and applicators; and AFS precision farming systems.