Cotton Facts

A bale of cotton weighs about
500 pounds
The U.S. cotton industry generates about
200,000 Jobs
The amount of cotton used to print $1 bills per year is typically
4,356,000 lbs.

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Member Spotlight

Robert Lacy, Jr.

member spotlight robert lacy

A member of the NCC’s 1996 Cotton Leadership Class, Robert Lacy, Jr. has served as the NCC vice president for the cottonseed segment since 2016. Prior to being elected as an officer, he served on the NCC’s Board of Directors from 2004-2015. He has chaired the NCC’s Health, Safety & Environmental Quality Committee since 2011 and served on numerous other NCC committees, including the Farm Policy Task Force. Lacy also has been active in the National Cottonseed Products Association having been its president in 2005-06. He served as president of the American Cotton Linter Association in 1997 and the Texas Agricultural Cooperative Council in 2007-08.
Lacy worked for six years with Paymaster Oil Company before joining PYCO Industries in 1990 where he served in several capacities before being named to his current position of president/CEO in 2015. He also has served as a vice president of Triangle Cooperative Services since 2016. Lacy earned a Bachelor’s of Business Administration from Eastern New Mexico University. He and his wife, Karyn, have two children.

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